Hon Ignition Chair

Hon Ignition Chair

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Hon Ignition Chair

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Are you looking for a comfortable office chair that relaxes your entire body while working? Is your current chair nearly broken? If so, you may want to buy a durable and convenient office chair.

The Hon Ignition chair is among the best chairs you will ever have. Now, let me first tackle about its fabric. This chair is 100 percent polyester, so it is wrinkle-resistant and durable. A polyester fabric can be washed and dried quickly. It is non-irritant, non-allergenic, and non-toxic, so you would be assured of safety in terms of health and skin issues.

The Hon Ignition chair is designed to support your back when sitting. It has a back adjustment to suit your needs while working on your desk. The back support is wider and longer so that you can lie back and relax on it. What’s more, the back is made of fine mesh material and that you can lie back more comfortably.

The next feature that you have to know is that Hon Ignition mesh chair provides a deep recline but it does not pull your feet up off the floor, unlike other office chairs. In other words, it is 2 to 1 synchro tilt. It is also designed to have tilt lock and tilt tension control, so you can move the chair anywhere, or make it become stationary.

The good thing about the Ignition chair is that it is not only designed for office use, but also for computer, conference, guests and lounge seating purposes. This chair is used, depending on where and how you work. So, it is really an all-in-one work chair.

When it comes to arm rest height and width adjustment, you would be assured of convenience and comfort. The arm rests are adjustable in terms of height and width to suit your preference. You can actually adjust it to become wider or perfectly fit.

How to adjust? There is a button under the arm rests where you can adjust the height and width. This is a good position for the button so you can press it while you are relaxing.

Like any other work chairs, this product also has a hydraulic height adjustment, where you can lift the lever on the right side to raise or lower the chair a bit. This will help suit your needs when working on a desk. This adjustment can completely rest your arms.

Many work chairs can cause tingling sensations and numbness in the legs, but the Hon Ignition work chair does not cause any problems when sitting for longer hours. With this chair, your feet can rest on the floor. This is a good chair if you work online and face the computer for a long time. You would be assured of a numbness-free experience when sitting in your Hon chair.

If you have problems when it comes to assembling furniture, then you do not have to worry because the Hon work chair is easy to assemble. Actually, the back, arms, and seat come as one unit, so you do not need to give your extra time to assemble the chair. The only work you will do is to attach the casters to the base with a gentle tap. The stem then connects the work chair to the base only when you sit on it, and then you are done. Isn’t that easy?

Hopefully with this Hon Ignition review you have enough information to decide if this chair is right for you or not. However, you have to know that the Hon Ignition chair has super convenient adjustments and comes at a reasonable price. So, what are you waiting for? Try one for yourself now.

HON Ignition Series Mid-Back Work Chair with Mesh Back and Adjustable Arms and Office or Computer Desk, Onyx


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