Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

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The Embody Chair from Herman Miller holds an exquisite design that has nothing to envy from the most modern office chair models. A design that is supportive without being too firm or too soft and is easily adjustable, and moves along with your body movements in such a way that it seems natural.

This makes indeed for a very impressive chair. We will analyze each one of the usual points.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Price

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is on the same price range as the Aeron Office Chair, being the reviewed one a bit more pricey (the Embody chair is around the $1,199 price tag).

However, it’s important to note that both chairs are really premium desk chairs and they’re worth the price for those who can afford it.

Embody Chair Warranty

The warranty on the Herman Miller Embody Chair is practically the same as with the Aeron Chair. You should always get a 12-year warranty when you buy an Embody Chair from a Herman Miller authorized dealer. It’s really important to note that you have this warranty in case that you experience any kind of problem with the chair. It’s only natural that Herman Miller will take care of any problem that any of this chair parts has.

If you buy the chair, for example through this link, you’ll get the 12-year warranty, and if you decide to buy a used one, you ought to get the remainder of the warranty transferred to you.

Don’t remove the sticker on the bottom of the frame underneath the seat (the sticker is about 0.5” x 0.5”). This sticker shows the Factory Order Number and the Born-On date, that you need to take advantage of the 12-year warranty. Write down the numbers shown on the sticker on a separate paper, try to keep a duplicate record of these. Take note of these details as if you have any problem, when calling the local technician, they will probably only ask for the number on this little sticker mentioned.

Size and Dimensions

Herman Miller Embody Chair General Dimensions


Embody Chair Assembly

Just like the Aeron Chair, in case that the chair didn’t come already pre-assembled, it’s important to note that it isn’t hard to assemble all the pieces together. You will also have the help of the chair manual that will have all the instructions of the assembly. It should not result in more than a 30 minutes work, although it will probably take around 15 minutes.

Embody Chair overview

Buying the Herman Miller Embody chair, you will have a supportive chair made with real leather with a base of heavy metal. It’s solid and supportive and you can adjust your height to the lumbar and arms rest. It has a standard lift and lean so you can use it easily if you have operating experience in desk chairs. The quality of this product parts is good enough to last for a long time in most cases.

Some of the Herman Miller Embody Chair features:

  • Enables and promotes healthful movements.
  • Lets blood and oxygen flow more freely, enhancing the ability to stay focused.
  • Conforms to body’s movements in forward through reclined positions.


The Herman Miller Embody Chair is an excellent opportunity if you’re the kind of person that works a lot of time in front of the desk or with the computer and want to take care of your health. If you can afford it, this product is just perfect for you. It has an ergonomic design, it’s comfortable, solid and sturdy, practically a need if you spend many hours on your home computer or at your office.

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