Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

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Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Our Product Review

For the review of the well-known and really well-made Herman Miller Aeron Chair, we will start with the most important aspects that you might be wondering about.

You’d never guess an office chair like the Aeron chair would be this expensive from only looking at one in person. Yet you have to realize that it costs less than most true ergonomic chairs available on the market. Unless you’re into fashion and have the budget, forget about almost all competitors to this chair.

It’s also worth noting that almost two-thirds of each of these chairs are made out of recycled materials, and almost the entire chair —94%— is recyclable. If you are self-conscious of the world’s environment and want to learn how this helps the environment, you can check out more details on ://

You’ll soon notice by looking for chairs with similar characteristics that it is hard to to find a worthy competitor to this chair with at least equal value.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Warranty

You always get a 12-year warranty when you buy an Herman Miller Aeron Chair from a HM authorized dealer. You have to always remember the fact that you have the warranty to this product. If you buy the chair for new, for example through this link, you’ll get this 12-year warranty, and if you buy used, you ought to get the remainder of warranty transferred to you.

Don’t remove the sticker on the bottom of the frame underneath the seat (the sticker is about 0.5” x 0.5”). This sticker shows the Factory Order Number and the Born-On date, needed to take advantage of the 12-yr warranty. Write down the numbers shown on the sticker on a separate paper, try to keep a duplicate record of these. Take note of these details as if you have any problem, when calling th local technician, they will probably only ask for the number on this little sticker mentioned.


They come in A, B or C size.

A is the smallest while C is the largest one.

Below are the different sizes of the Herman Miller Office Chair:

Aeron chair size chart
  • Size A
  • H:41″
  • W:25.75″
  • D:15.75″
  • Size B
  • H:42″
  • W:27″
  • D:17″
  • Size C
  • H:45″
  • W:28.25″
  • D:18.5″


The waterfall-like edge of the seat shape on all Aeron chairs  is intended to easily allow blood circulation when seated and it has been proven that it works efficiently.


Assembly Process

In case that you have the chair didn’t come already assembled, it’s important to note that it isn’t hard to get all the pieces together, and will not result in more than a 30 minutes work, although it will probably take around 15 minutes.



In case you are still wondering if it’s really worth it: well, it all depends on the amount of time you have to spend sitting in front of a desk. If you spend a large amount of time sitting in front of the computer, at least more than 4 hours, the position of your body will have an important effect on your health. The lumbar support of this chair is a good way to avoid these problems on your body.

Also, you’ll probably notice that you can focus better on your work when you are comfortable. Thus, getting an office chair that gives you this kind of comfort will make you more productive.

To the buyers, was this chair a good investment for you?

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame - with PostureFit - Carbon Classic (Medium) admin

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Product DescriptionAeron Chair by Herman Miller with highly adjustable graphite frame and with PostureFit. Carbon Classic

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Aeron Chair by Herman Miller with highly Adjustable graphite frame and with PostureFit. Carbon Classic
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