Boss black Leatherplus executive chair

Boss black Leatherplus executive chair

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Boss black Leatherplus executive chair

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Tired of sitting all day, everyday, in the office with a lousy office chair? Already have a thousand-Dollar office chair, but still not satisfied? Buying a high-quality office chair requires large amounts of money, especially if the main material consists of leather: real, thick leather. Buying cheap furniture from a prominent homebuilder store, however, is like wasting money on cigarettes each year—albeit less expensive over time. Finding the best office chair for a company executive/businessperson is tough.

It should provide both the comfort of a lounge chair, and the style of a high-quality office chair, especially if one plans to make it a centerpiece of his/her office or of the company’s conference room. That’s why it is no big surprise finding business executives sitting on dozens and dozens of chairs for sample purposes before buying one that suits their needs. Now, with the Boss Black LeatherPlus executive chair, any office executive can sit in the office like a boss… without the need to make unnecessary company expenses!

The Boss black LeatherPlus executive chair dons a traditional style, but made of modern materials such as vinyl (for the seat), brass nailhead trims, mahogany wood finish seat base, and hooded double (hard plastic) wheel casters. It also has a pneumatic lift to adjust the seat to its maximum height. Its sturdy frame, and enclosed armrests, will make the user feel comfortable without wobbling after months (even years) of continuous use. The soft, matte black vinyl used for the seat creates an illusion of using real calf leather… however, the vinyl is thin and gets scratched easily; extra caution (especially for women with long fingernails) must be observed when handling the chair.

The Boss LeatherPlus executive chair provides comfort, as well as safety. Its cushioning is firm, does not compress under the user’s weight easily (over time), and it enforces better seating posture needed for hours of typing, writing, or checking documents without developing back pains—good for people with nasty, recurring back pains or multiple spinal herniations. It also reclines for twenty degrees, which is somewhat weak, but it is enough to avoid unnecessary mid-day naps.

The brass nailhead trims match the traditional style this high back executive office chairs offers; also provides support for the black vinyl so it does not tear off with a simple mishandle. The hooded double wheel casters provide ease of movement with minimal effort and noise from moving it, unlike in most office chairs without moving wheel casters. This is best achieved with tile flooring not made of hard wood, as it leaves nasty impressions that ruin that certain area where the chair is located. Covering the area with an area rug or any other barrier will do the trick.

An office chair can be compared to a throne fit for royalty: it defines the wealth of a company by simply looking at its style. It should also provide the comfort needed for long hours of typing, writing, document checking. An office chair must be something that gives off an aura of importance, showing others off who is in charge of the company. Most importantly, it should last for a long time, and will become a valuable asset rather than a costly expenditure. With an executive leather chair such as the Boss black LeatherPlus executive chair, sitting like a boss has never been this easy, what’s more, there is no need to pay much more for a high-quality office chair. It is quality, comfort, and style, rolled into one: great value for a great price, indeed!

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Boss Black LeatherPlus executive chair
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