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Award winning bumGenius cloth diapers are designed to make cloth diapering easy for every day people. We believe that cloth diapering should be as inexpensive and as easy as using disposables..Bumgenius Freetime is a onesize, all in one cloth nappy so no more stuffing! Multiple layers of stay dry lined microfibre make this a very simple to use cloth.Cloth diapering is WAY more complicated than we thought. We were looking for the simplest option. Here’s why we choose bumGenius..Cloth diapers are easier then ever to use on your baby. We can help you choose a cloth diaper that is right for you including diaper covers, pocket diapers, all in ones AIO, all In two AI, and prefolds..Cloth diapers at Target are great for moms and babies to stay fresh and have fun while saving money. Free shipping on select purchases over $..Cotton Babies has been selling cloth diapers since and has been a world wide leading manufacturer in the cloth diaper industry since when the first of our cloth diaper brands, bumGenius, was introduced read our story ..Tots Bots Teenyfit Star Prints NEWBORN Tots Bots Teenyfit StarOur super cute Teenyfit Star is the perfect newborn nappy! This tiny nappy featuring our award winning bamboo core is a great performer and guaranteed to make you feel broody!.Sweet Pea Newborn Covers Sweet Pea Cloth Diaper Newborn Covers are now designed to fit your newborn right from birth! These too come with the same double gussets that mums have been raving about in the one .Dainty Baby carries the best baby products including cloth baby diapers, backpack baby carriers, newborn strollers, swaddle blankets more. Free Shipping!.If you talk to other parents about pocket diapers, bumGenius is a name that comes up time and time again. Not only it is a fun name to say but they also make one of the best pocket diapers around..

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